The story behind winning Honda awards year after year


The story behind winning Honda awards year after year

Since 2004, CTE has been recognized by Honda customers for 17 consecutive years, including Best of All Award, Best Partner Award, Best Quality Award, Best Delivery Time Award, Best Cost Award and other aspects of cooperation. affim.

Today, the editor specially organized the sharing through simple questions and answers, and let you know more about the reasons why CTE can continue to win awards and the special stories behind the awards that belong to CTE.

1. Q: Can you briefly describe how Honda evaluates suppliers?

A: Honda awards are divided into: Best of all Award, Best Partner Award, Best Quality Award, Best Environment Award.


2. Can you briefly describe the assessment method?

2.1 Best of All Award: It is necessary to obtain an A-level score for the quality every month, no poor quality in the market, and to obtain the required score from Honda in terms of cost and delivery time. In addition, the importance, difficulty, the spirit of continuous challenge, etc. must be shown in order to obtain more bonus points; therefore, the Honda Best of All Award is the highest evaluation for quality, rational cooperation, and delivery time. comprehensive affirmation.

2.2 Excellent Quality Award: The monthly quality score is A-level, the market quality is not bad, and the score is affirmed after considering the importance, difficulty and other conditions.

2.3 Best Partner Award: In addition to the monthly cost and contribution to Honda's target specification, it is also necessary to provide 100% delivery accuracy in order to be recognized by the Honda Best Partner Award.

2.4 Best Environmental Protection Award: mainly through the implementation of cooperation, CO2 emission control, and target management achievement as the evaluation items, as the basis for the recognition of awards.

Supplement: During the process, the quality will be an item that will be evaluated every month and notified by the results. The cost and delivery deadline will be based on the monthly delivery completion rate. Once the results will not be announced every month.


3. Q: CTE have won awards for many years. During this process, did customers give any impressive feedback or special stories about mutual cooperation?

A: CTE has held a manufacturer conference since 2005, and has awarded awards to it, and it has won different awards every year. But it is also because it wins awards every year, so Honda is very impressed with the performance of CTE in all aspects, as are other competing manufacturers, and even we were joked by partners that "CTE is award-winning machine, and there are so many medals that they have to build a special space for the storage! "


4. Q: For the customer of Honda, has CTE implemented any special measures to increase Honda's trust?

A: Honda's award is an honor that all parts suppliers are eager to win, especially sometimes the evaluation scores are very close, so the establishment of customer relationship is a detail that we constantly pay attention to in the usual cooperation.
The performance of CTE in the delivery period is highly affirmed by customers (the mission must be fulfilled), and the abnormal problems encountered in quality are specially handled in close cooperation and coordination with customers (the results are reflected in the quality performance). Price consensus thinking to complete.
If we want to talk about a special approach, it should be that the business must respond to the needs of customers in an all-round way, and improve the network, so that the engineering and quality control can be quickly served. To maintain the accuracy of the delivery date from production.


5. Q: Finally, for the continuous awards in the future, does CTE have any preparations to continue to gain customer recognition?

A: CTE is very familiar with the needs and requirements of customers in all units, and the timeliness of the response is also well recognized by customers. Therefore, we are confident that we will continue to maintain CTE under the management of quality, delivery, cost and other items , will be able to continue to receive customers' affirmation of CTE.


It is a great honor to receive the Best of All Award, Best Partner Award, Best Cost Award, Best Quality Award, Best Delivery Award, Best Delivery Award and other awards from Honda over the years; Chinese terminals will continue to maintain high quality in the future. Products and services are provided in order to provide each cooperative customer with a satisfactory product and service plan.

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By China Terminal Operation Headquarters

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