Congrats! CTE won KTM 2021 Supplier Quality Award


Congrats! CTE won KTM 2021 Supplier Quality Award

CTE once again won KTM's 2021 "Supplier Quality Award".

This is the quality affirmation that CTE has received from KTM for many years. In addition to focusing on high-quality output, CTE has cooperated with KTM in various customized solutions to cope with the general shortage of labor and materials in recent years. Influence; through the trust of partners who have cooperated for many years, CTE and KTM have unique production cooperation preparations, and, at the same time, continue to meet the needs of exceeding products and delivery in the erratic era of the pandemic.


It is a great honor to continuously receive the Supplier Quality Award from KTM over the years; CTE will never cease to provide exceptional products and services in the future in order to provide each cooperative customer with a satisfactory products and service solutions.


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