The Story Behind winning KTM Quality Awards


The Story Behind winning KTM Quality Awards

From 2014 to 2021, CTE has won seven KTM quality awards eight years in a row, which is the best proof that CTE continues to be a trusted partner of KTM.

Today, the editor will lead you to know more about the story behind CTE's winning the KTM award through simple questions and answers.


1) Q: Can you briefly describe how KTM evaluates suppliers?

A: KTM has an evaluation document provided to suppliers. The main purpose of this document is intended to give KTM delivery partners a uniform understanding of the assessment. At the same time, this document also provides partner with an explanation of the requirements KTM place on its suppliers. Therefore, CTE continues to provide products and services that meet KTM's supply needs in accordance with relevant job descriptions and needs.


2) Q: Can you briefly introduce the assessment method?

A: The evaluation of a supplier is carried out on a plant-specific basis. The general score will be graded through three different aspects,

2.1 Quality: The items with the highest proportion in the scoring will be scored according to the series output and the quality of the samples.

2.2 Purchasing: The projects with the second highest proportion in the scoring, including the product delivery schedule and the realization of the agreed output, will be scored.

2.3 Agreements: Includes the quality assurance agreement and the purchase conditions under the agreement and other scoring items.


3) Q: CTE has won awards for many years. Do the clients have any memorable stories or special stories of cooperation with each other during this process?

A: CTE and KTM have had many years of cooperation experience, and we have also cultivated a full tacit understanding and friendship for the sake of each other. Especially since 2020, the global supply chain has been affected by the pandemic. The negotiation of procurement methods make us overcome the difficulties brought by the pandemic together, and continue to maintain high-quality and satisfactory supply, so that the KTM brand can have a stronger supply backing in the market and develop more performance.


4) Q: Finally, for the continuous awards in the future, does CTE have any preparations to continue to gain customer recognition?

A: CTE is highly familiar with the needs and requirements of customers in each unit, and the timeliness of the response is also well recognized by customers. Therefore, we are confident that under the continuous maintenance of CTE's management of quality, delivery, cost and other projects, we will never cease to earn the affirmation of CTE from customers.

It is a great honor to continue to receive the "Supplier Quality Award" from KTM over the years; CTE will continue to provide high-quality products and services in the future, in order to provide each cooperative customer with a satisfactory product and service solution.


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