CTE won the "2022 Design and Development Excellence Award", "2022 Sales Service Excellence Award", and "2022 Excellent Manufacturer Award" from China Automobile Industry!


CTE won the "2022 Design and Development Excellence Award", "2022 Sales Service Excellence Award", and "2022 Excellent Manufacturer Award" from China Automobile Industry!

CTE wins three awards from China Automobile Industry Association for 2022!

CTE is a professional manufacturer of automotive electronic connectors, and has recently won three awards from the China Automobile Industry Association, namely the "2022 Design and Development Excellence Award", the "2022 Sales and Service Excellence Award", and the "2022 Outstanding Supplier Award". These awards not only recognize CTE's professional capabilities in the field of automotive wiring harnesses, but also commend CTE's excellent performance in customer service, quality management, supply chain coordination and other aspects.

CTE relies on its strong design and development capabilities to cooperate with many well-known automotive manufacturers, providing product solutions that meet customer needs and market trends, and passing strict testing and verification to ensure product performance and reliability. CTE's products cover a variety of types and specifications of automotive electronic connectors, including signal connectors, power connectors, high-speed data connectors, high-voltage connectors and so on, which are widely used in automotive modules such as engines, transmissions, dashboards, airbags, audio systems and so on, and have passed multiple international certifications and tests.

CTE not only has outstanding performance in design and development, but also has excellent standards in service quality. CTE is customer-oriented, providing comprehensive OEM services, including technical support, joint development, troubleshooting and so on. CTE also established a perfect digital production system, which can collect and grasp the production status in real time, thereby providing continuous optimization of processes and production quality, and taking improving customer satisfaction and loyalty as the goal of continuous efforts.

In addition, CTE also has outstanding achievements in production management and supply chain coordination. CTE uses advanced production equipment and technology, implements strict quality control and monitoring, and ensures product consistency and stability. CTE also established long-term cooperative relationships with many high-quality raw material suppliers and logistics service providers, achieving efficient and cost efficiency supply chain management, and being able to flexibly respond to market changes and customer needs.

This time winning three awards is a recognition of its colleagues' cooperation with customers in developing projects, as well as a recognition of its efforts in all aspects of service management, production management, supply coordination and so on with high quality and flexibility. CTE thanks the judging committee of the China Automobile Industry Association and all customers for their support and trust, and says that it will continue to work hard to provide better products and services, and establish long-term stable cooperative relationships with more manufacturers.


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