CTE Tech Corp. collaborating with IBM to build smart production line


CTE Tech Corp. collaborating with IBM to build smart production line

CTE has been working with IBM in Taiwan since 2017 to introduce its infrastructure with SAP HANA to integrate ERP information from production sites around the world, and uses big data analysis to create flexible and efficient smart production lines to meet various market challenges and further realize smart manufacturing.


According to Mr. Lee, Cheng-Yi, the General Manager of IBM Hardware Systems Business Unit in Taiwan, IBM assisted the CTE to implement SAP HANA on IBM Power Server, integrating company's resources, optimizing operation and production line efficiency, and directly providing the underlying architecture planning, system construction and installation, demonstration exercises, etc. through IBM Lab Service to help CTE use it smoothly.


IBM assisted CTE to build three platforms, including operation optimization, group management, and information analysis, to help streamline operation processes, strengthen production efficiency and flexibility, consolidate and jointly manage ERP information of major global production locations in real time and transparent company information, gather group-wide real-time big data, and find decision insights through analysis. Through this project, IBM brought "made-to-order production" to CTE with the installation of IBM hardware system, which CTE can effectively use the data to grasp the processing capacity and current status of all plants, production lines and stations, and forecast the demand and supply in real time, so as to avoid the fluctuation due to market changes, which leads to the waste of resources and product hoarding.


CTE has always been known for its ability to produce small quantities and a wide variety of products. SAP HANA optimizes production scheduling and automation to improve overall production efficiency and maximize human resources and automation, allowing CTE to continue to meet the needs of mobile machinery business partners who pursue flexible supply, allowing CTE to move towards the invisible champion of Industry 4.0.


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