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Please apply for open job positions through 104 Job Bank.
If there are no suitable open positions, please register with our talent database. We will prioritize contacting you for new available positions.

We'd like to get to know you in an in-depth interview. Feel free to ask questions about our company as well.
Reminder: The entire recruitment process typically takes two to three weeks. The overall timeframe depends on the specifications of the hiring department.

We will issue a formal letter detailing your job description and onboarding requirements.
Please prepare for a physical examination, set up a bank account for salary payments, and organize any required documents.

A designated company representative will guide you through our onboarding procedure and introduce you to our offices.
Welcome to CTE.

No suitable open positions now?
That is not a problem. We have a talent bank and we look forward to your early registration.

Excellent income

Salary and compensation

Competitive monthly salary

Year-end bonuses

Guaranteed year-end bonus

Guaranteed bonus

Guaranteed bonus for three festivals

Salary raise

Planned salary raise

Employee bonus

Planned employee bonus

Various benefits

Various benefits and subsidies

Stable welfare

Nutritious meals

Nutritious and delicious employee meals

Safe workplace environment

Certified safe workplace environment

Staff travel

Two optional staff travels per year

Company aerobics classes

Weekly onsite aerobics and yoga classes

Company sports facilities

A variety of sport facilities, including an indoor badminton court

Relaxation spaces

Relaxation space with monthly updated reading options

Easy commute

Convenient transportation and free company parking spaces for cars and motorcycles

Physical check-ups

Regular health examinations

Company-wide activities

A wide range of popular recreational activities. Includes family days, e-sports, and motorcycle racing events

Praise development

Working abroad

Work-abroad opportunities in overseas offices

Training and education

Periodic multidimensional training and education

Talent Accreditation

Accredited by TTQS Talent Development System

\ Employee's comments /



Sales talent / since 2018

CTE overturned my previous impression of the traditional industry.
With good quality and reputation,
we have also been trusted by our partners.



Management specialist / since 2020

A stage where young people can bring into full play.
Love to see the progression here.



Senior management specialist / since 2013

The work is full of challenge
The organization is full of vitality
The prospect is full of expectation



Associate engineer / since 2019

CTE colleagues are so easy going.
So happy to be here everyday.



Senior management specialist / since 2015

CTE's benefits are so good.
I like to have aerobics directly at the company after get off work.
Super convenient!



Senior management specialist / since 2005

CTE takes care of the physical and mental health of employees.
Develop many stress relief channels
so that I can continue to have a healthy body and strong mind.

 Shi Chun

Shi Chun

Section Manager / since 2012

CTE provides a stage where you can play your strengths.
Let me have the motivation to continuously learning over here.



Project manager / since 2021

Looking forward to following the hidden champion,
let Taiwan's strength shine on the world stage.

CTE is waiting for you

Please apply for open job positions through 104 Job Bank.